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Artists at Melbourne Festival

Artists for 2019 Art & Architecture Trail

Planning is now underway for the Art and Architecture Trail at Melbourne Festival 2019. We hope you will join us on Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th September. The Call for Entries is open until 31st March, details are on Call for Entries page follow tab. 
We aim for a mix of art to enjoy, art to intrigue and art to take home! We hope that this year the Trail will include a great mix of some of our favourite artists who have exhibited at previous Melbourne Festival Art & Architecture Trails and many new faces. We guarantee that there will be something for every taste, and pocket, with everything from paintings to pastels, photography to prints, ceramics and pottery, sculpture and jewellery something for everyone.

All of our 2018 Artists and their contact details are listed on this page and Images from all of our Artists are included on our Gallery page.



How to contact the Artists who exhibited on the Melbourne Festival Art & Architecture in 2018
Adcock Lizzie Pewter
Allsopp Joanne Mosaics & Watercolour Animals
Almond Katie Ceramics
Aten Sujata Fine Artist
Atkinson Hazel Jewellery
Bagley Barbara Paintings
Baker Carole Watercolours
Ball Leanne Ceramics
Benedict Beccy Mixed Media / Jewellery
Best Heidi Jayne Abstract
Billingsley Helen Ceramics
Bird Lor paintings
Blanchard David Split tin guitars
Brogden Caroline Jewellery
Brookes Celia Figurative Watercolours
Brooks Kate Screenprints
Brown Judith Stitched Wire Jewellery
Bulsara Barry Printmaker
Burrell Helen Jeweller
Carter Rachel Sculpture
Christou Kat Glass
Colbert Barbara Charcoal Animals / Fossils
Cook Michael Artist
Coombs Del Recycled Glass
Cosentino Peter Potter
Cresswell Richard Sculptor
Crook Megan Textiles
Daisley Ian Photographer
Danby Ross Stone Sculpture
Daniel Jerry Photography
Davies Roger Metal Sculpture
Davies Stevie Glass
Davies Terry Photographer
Dawes Amanda Photographer
Dennett Nicola Printmaker
Domleo Helen Jeweller
Donaldson Laura Paint and Pastels
Ellul Lisa Ceramics
Emery Liz Felt Pictures
Excell Mark Photographer
Fairbrother Steven Photographer
Flint Les Jewellery – Recycled Silver
Freer Jackie – Jacqueline May Artist
French Jane Landscape / Still life / Portraits
The Gardeners Bothy – Jam Mian Willow
Gibson Paul and Janet Ceramics and Jewellery
Glanville Amanda Lampwork Glass Beads
Graham Sue artist
Green James Printmaker
Griffin Heather Wildlife
Hallows Helen Mixed Media
Handley John Ceramics Sculptural Vessels
Harley Bill Photographer  
Harris Sarah Printmaker
Heale Sue Acrylic
Higgins Jo Pencil Drawings mixed media
Hill Stuart Myth Pics
Holmes Claire Thread & Ink
Holmes Michelle Mixed Media
Hook Deborah Wildlife
Hudson Val Artist
Hunt Alan Artist
Hyde Martin Artist
Irvine Jo Jewellery
James Ami Textiles / Collage
Johnson Mary Ceramics
Johnstone Paul Contemporary Artist
Jourdain Yuka Jewellery
Just Erica Grasses
Lakin Mick Botanical Artist
Langley Mark Pencil Drawings
Leger Matthieu Artist
Lissie-Art – Alicia Hollis Artist Line and paint
Marsh Zoe Textile Ceramics
Marwaha Ashi Jewellery
Mason Andrew Raku Pottery
Mason Robin Landscapes
Matthews Paula Jewellery
Mayers Andy Mixed Media
McLoughlin Steven Figurative / Landscape
Mear Christopher Photographer
Mercer Matthew Wood
Miles Deborah Mixed Media 3d
Nason Lesley Ceramic Artist & Jewellery Designer
Nettleton Justine Artist
Olumide Susan Potter
Orton Jane Jewellery
Palmer Ian Patrick Ceramics, Sculpture, Wood, Paintings
Pass Duncan Printmaker
Petit Thomas Glass
Raeside-Bell Berni Textiles
Rattigan John Artist
Read Jannice Bird Paintings
Read Sheila Jewellery
Reed Graeme Printmaker
Rhodes Helen Artist
Richard Emily Jeweller
Riley Jill Ceramics
Rix Peter Rocking Horses
Roberts Carolyn Paintings
Robinson Samantha Jewellery & porcelain
Roe Louise Potter
Roebuck Anna Jewellery & Sculpture
Rost Jo Millinery
Sawtell Hannah Line Drawings
Sell Kate Mosaic Mirrors
Seth Bev Ceramics
Shackleton Martin Ceramics
Shaw Emily Mary Weaver
Shaw Rod Artist
Shepherd Kevin Artist
Smalley Emily Embroidered Wildlife
Smith Hannah Jewellery
Smith Jeni Mixed Media
Smith Lynn Hazel Animal Sculptures
Spencer Bradley Potter
Split Tin Guitars – David Blanchard Split Tin Guitars
Stapleton  Adrian Blacksmith
Stark Alan Artist
Sutherland Helen Silk Scarves
Tacey Mat The Green Woodpecker
Tandy Steve Artist
Tapp Madeleine Artist / Textiles
Taylor Kay Mixed Media
Thompson Cassandra Artist
Tomlinson Erica Photography
Trevor Susan Glass and Textiles
Turner David Sculptural Ironwork
Walters Niki Glass
Wan-Docksey Connie The Tiny Maker – Paper Cuts
Warburton Matthew Aluminium Art
Watson Peter Paintings
Why Not Wood Wood
Wilbraham Cheryl Watercolour
Wilkins Viv Glass Art
Witty Damian Sculptor
Wood Leigh Metal Furniture & Lighting
Worrall Karen Glass
Wright Keith Fine Art Photography
Young Paul Potter
 Cryptic Art  Artists Group
 Melbourne Photographic Society  Photography
 The Elements  Artists Group