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Arts Melbourne

Arts Melbourne White BGArts Melbourne Limited trading as Melbourne Festival

On 1 January 2008 Arts Melbourne Limited, a company limited by guarantee, was set up to run Melbourne Festival. In a company limited by guarantee all profits, if there are any, are re-invested, not paid as dividends to shareholders.  Melbourne Festival became  a trading name of Arts Melbourne Limited. The principal reason for doing this was that there are arts related activities, such as exhibitions that need a different approach and publicity and are outside the September Melbourne Festival.

In the event of Arts Melbourne Limited closing residual funds will be used to create a Trust which will provide bursaries for East Midlands Artists.

Becoming a limited company does not change the ethos of the Melbourne Festival; it simply helps to ensure it will survive for years to come. For further information on Arts Melbourne please contact us.

Artists @Arts Melbourne In 2008 Artists @ Arts Melbourne was set up as an association of professional artists living or working in Melbourne and the surrounding villages. The group meets 2-3 times a year to discuss artistic practice and exchange information about potential opportunities for local artists. In addition various members of Artists @ Arts Melbourne exhibit together. Since it’s creation nearly TEN years ago a number of the original members have remained with the group and provide help, support and “critical friendship” to help each other making changes to their artistic practice and business decisions. Seven of the original eight members are still active and four of those members exhibited at Melbourne Festival in September 2018.