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Boleyn MelbFEstAfter a long wait it is nearly here drop everything and get your tickets for BOLEYN – The Death & Life of a Queen at Melbourne Festival on Saturday 24th September at Melbourne Assembly Rooms.


Boleyn imagines the last days of Anne Boleyn’s life. It was only a couple of weeks from her arrest to her execution and one question remains. Who was responsible for the case brought against her. Was it King Henry VIII in his desperation for a son? Was it Thomas Cromwell who wanted the “concubine” out of the way? Or did Boleyn bring about her own downfall.


Writer George Gunby says “The play is as much about power, motivation and human behaviour and the lengths people will go to to maintain their position and influence”. Boleyn includes wonderfully talented actors including Sali Gresham, Fliss Goldsmith, Chelsea Anne Richter, Terry Stevenson, Jeff Foster, Larry Waller and Judy Richter.

Tickets £10 from 07765819428